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Played the game and loved it. Made 2 videos (they are in Serbian).

Thanks loads~!! Much appreciated!

Dice Souls is a quick fun dice-chucker! It kept me entertained during my coffee break. I'd love more of it! Longer levels and more decision-making would be good. It's very lucky. I'd love to be able to earn ways to mitigate that luck, or earn more fate coins.

Much appreciated~! Will probably build upon it in a future incarnation! Thanks again for stopping by!

fun game, a little short tho. I really enjoyed it!


Much appreciated~! Was a micro challenge to squeeze a game, and multiplayer features in a single sheet. Was a fun challenge.
But thanks!


Gameplay in Portuguese

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed it.. XD


I loved it. I just found it too short. In two minutes it is possible to finish the game. I think you should invest in more games like that. Nowadays, Print and Play games are having a great success. You could make a version with more enemies, or other dungeons. And I really liked the idea of two players playing. It is difficult to see Roll and Write games for two players.

Had a question. The results that are beside each enemy, how do the results work? Is it that, with the first enemy, you have 3 attempts, with each attempt a different goal number, or is it that you have to roll any one of the three amounts to defeat the enemy. How do the following enemies work.


Hi~! You just need to get any of the three amounts to defeat the enemy to proceed.
(eg. To defeat the Beefataur, either a 6 , 7 or 8 is enough to kill it)
It corresponds to the probability of each number based on the dice allocated to simulate difficulty.

That was a fun little thing! Felt like a short comic with some interactivity to it :D

Much appreciated! Hope to make more content in the future.