Dicey Odds

Dice Souls

A single-player game you can play with just a pair of die and some tokens (use coins if needed). This game took one month long to put together and was an exercise for a Coursera assignment. Feel free to download, print and play!

Week 1

Ground rules of the game set based on the limitations of the tools available to me. Single-player, progressively harder, using two die, I focused on probability as the main mechanic of the game.

First Boss, defeated on a roll of 6 (13.8%), 7 (17%) or 8 (13.8%)
2nd Boss, defeated on a roll of 4 (8.3%), 5/9 (11%) or 10 (8.3%)
3rd Boss, defeated on a roll of 3/11 (5.6%) or 4/10 (8.3%)
Final Boss, defeated on a roll of 2/12 (2.8%) or 3/11 (5.6%)

Week 2

Refining the rules, creating clear objectives, providing an incentive (reward) for completion. Also added in different and simple difficulty adjustments to the game.

Week 3

Added a stronger narrative to the game with a backstory and introduction scene to the adventure. The hero sets out to stop the Plum Lich. Refined the language used in the instructions for clarity.

Week 4

The introduction of a possibly multiplayer element in the game. In Dice Souls, the multiplayer came from the 2nd player controlling the enemy side (Plum Lich).

Player 1 wins if he defeats all bosses, Player 2 wins if he prevents Player 1 from doing so. It is a competitive asymmetrical challenge for both players and may prolong the life-span of the game.

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