The vicious Mr. Hekyll would like to go on a murderous rampage while his mild-mannered alter ego, Dr. Jyde tries his best to avoid being discovered.


  • Map starts with 30 Citizens and 10 Policemen.
  • As citizens are killed, policeman spawn to replace them.
  • The Player WINS when all citizens have been murdered without being caught.

The game starts with 30 Citizens and 10 Policemen patrolling the city.

Your task is to kill ALL the citizens without being caught.

However, every citizen you kill increases the number of policemen that are sent to the scene. The Player wins when ALL citizens have been murdered.

As Mr.Heckyll the brutal killer, you are bound to be chased by the Policemen if you get too close to them OR you are seen murdering a citizen. If chased, you need to run to avoid them but you can also drink a Potion to transform into the innocent Dr.Jyde thus throwing the policement off the scent.

Beware though, you only have enough Potion to transform into Dr.Jyde 3 times so use them sparingly.


W, A, S, D / Up, Down, Left, Right - Movement
E - Murder (must stand near Citizen)
Q - Drink Potion


Chris Lee Yi @Chris Ly Programmer
Hong Yu @hongyu Programmer
Jone Leong @JoneLeong Programmer
Nah @Nah Pixel Artist -N/A-
Aidan @PixelFr0ggiePixel Artist
Brandon @Brandon Composer
Yee I-Van @IVan Designer IG: @thealchymyst

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsAlchymyst, Chris LY, JoneLeong
Tags2D, Creepy, Dark, ggj2022, globalgamejam, heckylljyde, Horror, murder, Pixel Art


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any chance you could release the code? i want to see how you did the AI!

let me ask our tech, perhaps you could leave me your email?

Hello,.. here it is

Our tech also shared this 
Which was originally where he learned it from. Hope it helps.

Awesome! I will review the video and hopefully it will answer questions. Are you available for a contract work based on this game? A small commissioned style of this game? My email is p-e-a-c-ek-e-e-p-e-r28@g m  a  i  l  dot com (remove hypen and spaces)

Ummm, theres a place on the left side of the map where you can just... leave... I accidentally wen through there while being chased and now i cat find my way back

I think we missed it and might have left a hole.
Thanks for finding it, we'll try filling that in for a future build. XD


my strategy was to get every coppers attention and herd them into one condensed crowd.

this lead to a borderline comical chase scene where i was murdering people while running away from a swarm of coppers.

tbh the team managed to get it down to 5 citizens remaining but haven't actually cleared the map XD.... you may be the first~! 

Crikey its the coppers! love the voice acting and the art.

The voice actually came from all members of the team,... :D

The policemen's 'Oi!' and the 'Urrrggghhh' of the citizens being murdered...

Show post...

nice arcade

Thanks~!! Still rough around the edges but hopefully we'll tidy it up after the Jam. XD